We Install Free Micro Markets Stocked With Fresh Healthy Food!
Micro Markets Offer Your Employees Their Own Office Convenience Store

1. Sign up

We’ll recommend the right healthy office snacks and food designed to boost office productivity and satisfaction.

2. Expert sets up Market

Your Certified Micro Market expert sets up the Kiosk, shelving and coolers in your break room location. Then we set up a launch date to provide training and employee cards.

3. Enjoy monthly delivery

Receive a monthly box of hand-selected, delicious snacks that your team loves. With this self service market you can easily restock your market in less than 15 minutes!

An Easy, Hassle-free Way To Get Delicious Healthy Snacks Delivered Right To Your Office

Here’s your chance to do something TOTALLY INCREDIBLE for your office without any added effort


It’s easy, quick and nutritious with hundreds of choices from fruits and snacks to lunches and dinners designed to support healthier lifestyles. Imagine how delicious food, healthy meals, and convenient snacks right down the hall from the office can help you create a world class work environment. We believe in turning your break room into a rewarding place used to refresh, nourish and energize. We believe in making it easy for your employees to enjoy healthy and nutritious food options without having to leave the office. Employers choose Eclipse Micro Markets to turn their break room into a personalized on site market because of the variety and convenience of the healthy options and the resulting impact on employee productivity and morale.

Give your employees the same perks that other top companies like Facebook and Google do…without a big budget or annoying hassle.

Best Corporate Wellness Programs

1. Enhance Productivity

65% of employees want healthy on site food choices. Give your employees convenient ‘grab and go’ access to healthy foods so they can stay on site, stay properly fueled, and be incredibly productive.

2. Increase Happiness

Provide an amenity that your employees will love you for. Healthier people are happier people and they’ll appreciate your commitment to their improved health & well-being.

3. Boost Your Bottom Line

Boost your bottom line as your employees work harder and happier. Think of how much time they’ll save if they can grab a quick snack right in the office instead of spending 15-20 minutes going somewhere.

Micro Market Technology Review

Micro Markets Review
Our employees liked the system as they didn’t have to have change or money on them because they could use their credit card and debit cards and there was much better selection and a lot fresher as well. We would never go back to vending again. a Micro Market has been an excellent choice for us.
Rick, Human Resources


Why Choose Eclipse Micro Markets?

  • Fast, Simple, Easy to Use
  • Free Payment Kiosks to Employers
  • Increase Employee Productivity & Morale
  • Healthy Office Snack Delivery box is 100% Free
  • Perfect compliment to Corporate Wellness Programs


Affordable healthy food pricing

Eclipse Micro Market prices are similar to those found in healthy food retailers. We customize a market that includes healthy snacks, drinks, and meals that works for you and your employees.

Your own Office Market, free of charge

All service-related aspects of Eclipse Micro Markets are free of charge, including shipping and access to your own personal Micro Market Kiosk.

Our self-service Micro Markets are revolutionizing the on-premise food services by making it easy for employees to choose healthy, fresh food options

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